Limbaugh: ”Operation Chaos Is Facing Its Darkest Challenge”


Rush Limbaugh’s Operation Chaos, his bold attempt to get Republicans to cross over to affect the Democrat primary, has had questionable success. It is probably impossible to accurately gage what effect Limbaugh’s stealth campaign has had in Texas and Ohio, or what effect it will have, if any, in the upcoming Pennsylvania Democratic primary.

Today Limbaugh noted on his popular radio show that his campaign is at a decisive do-or-die moment. ”Operation chaos is facing its darkest challenge,” Limbaugh said today. ”… If Obama can reach across the aisle … he might be able to put an end to Operation Chaos … If Obama can convince her — her being Hillary — then he might well convince the rest of us.”

Limbaugh has described Operation Chaos, AKA Operation Rush The Vote thusly (From a transcript on

”They just can’t stand it. They get to muck up our primaries all they want, they get to cross over, they get to do anything they want, choose our nominee and so forth. We get involved in theirs — and, by the way, this is not just about getting Hillary nominated because she’d be easier to beat. This is about causing chaos; this is about continuing this soap opera for a whole bunch of reasons, and the reasons run from the political, and they are obvious, to the simple fact also that this is fun.”

(image via radioandrecords)