Like My Status And … Becomes Insanely Viral On Facebook

"Like my status and I'll tell you if I'd kiss you". This is just one type of the new "like my status" meme that's spreading around Facebook like wildfire.

“Like my status and I’ll tell you if I’d kiss you”. This is just one type of the new “like my status” memes that’s spreading around Facebook like wildfire.

Thousands of people are posting the updates by the second and we’ve had people reach out to us who’ve seen it on their friends’ walls. Right now most of the people who I’ve seen posting the updates appear to be in high school and college, however there’s a very good chance that this one will spread to all ages. The last status meme that we saw spreading this quickly was the recent breast cancer awareness campaign where women expressed where they like it.

This status meme appears to have no sort of cause whatsoever and we have yet to identify the source, however people are adapting it and creating their own messages. The most common ones we’ve seen so far are, like my status and I’ll:

  • Give you a random nickname.
  • tell you my first impression of you
  • The color you remind me of
  • An animal you remind me of

Ultimately it’s obviously going to be most popular among those who are interested in flirting with others or are simply bored! What creative ones are you seeing that are spreading around?

Like My Status Meme Screenshot