Light Switches Not Just For Function, Light


We’ve now received two emails about this, which makes us think that it’s less “Snow Jacket 400pc $3.95” which we keep receiving from “Winnie” in “China” and more breaking design news. A quick interwebs survey aided and abetted this interpretation, so, if you are bored of your light switches (we know we are), you can, er, lighten them up (yes, we are the most en fuego today) with a “Pom Pom” dimmer. Essentially exactly what it sounds like, the Pom Pom is a dimmer that you touch and it is fuzzy. The Cooper Hewitt National Design Museum, ever the design stalwart, has also legitimized the Pom Pom by including it in a Fuzzy Light Wall (the exposition is just killing us today) as part of the Extreme Textiles show.