Libby Trial Notes

Jennifer Hoar reports how “Libby Gets A Little Help From His Friends: More Than $3M Donated To Legal Fund For Indicted Former Cheney Aide.”

Murray Waas on “CIA Leak Probe: Inside The Grand Jury”

Carol Leonnig: “At Libby Trial, Power Players Face Uncomfortable Spotlight

Richard Schmitt: “Political theater awaited at Libby trial

And the following note was sent from John C. Henry, News Editor for AP Washington.

    Print and Web colleagues,

    We had nine volunteers for the print pool during the upcoming
    Libby trial. A drawing was held a short time ago to establish the
    rotation for the lone print journalist seat in the courtroom during voir dire. Here’s the order:

    Bloomberg — Cary O’Reilly
    Reuters — Andy Sullivan
    Legal Times — Emma Schwartz
    LA Times — Rick Schmitt
    Washington Post — Carol Leonnig
    Wall Street Journal — Evan Perez
    Associated Press — Matt Apuzzo
    New York Times — Neil Lewis
    Huffington Post — A.J. Schuller

    The groupings above assume that poolers will take turns in the
    courtroom thusly on Tuesday, Wednesday and (if necessary) Wednesday:
    — morning session
    — first afternoon session
    — final afternoon session

    This might change, depending on the court’s daily schedule for
    voir dire.

    A reminder: Poolers are required, once their sessions end, to
    give their colleagues oral read-outs at an agreed location, probably in the first-floor filing room.