Lewis.Tsurumaki.Lewis Wins, Rockwell Group Gets Served at James Beard Awards


Asian restaurants ruled as the world’s most mouth-watering design was honored last night at the James Beard Awards, which we will faithfully report just as soon as we wipe the drool from our chin.

In the restaurant design category, Lewis.Tsurumaki.LewisXing trumped the Rockwell Group‘s Nobu Fifty Seven. That’s literally Lewis.Tsurumaki.Lewis above: Paul Lewis, Marc Tsurumaki, and David J. Lewis. The third nominees were Stephanie Goto and Masataka Yano of Tadao Ando for Morimoto (that sentence sounds like something you’d order at the Iron Chef-headed restaurant).

In the graphics category, Fabien Baron and Takashi Hiratsuka at Baron and Baron took the prize with their look for Buddakan, beating out Base Design for Stand and Memo Productions’ Douglas Riccardi and Lisa Eaton for their work on Pizzeria Mozza. Personally we were pulling for the Mozza graphics, namely the sheer variety of placemats–quirky Italian comics, an Italian language primer (speaking mostly using your hands), and an illustrated recipe for a margherita pizza. Damn, there goes that drooling again.