Lewis Black Performed at BEA Cares Fundraiser


The annual BEA Cares fundraiser was held at the Orpheum Theater (across the street from the Eastern) downtown, with Lewis Black as the performer.

He was brought on stage by his long time friend Sara Nelson, editor of Publishers Weekly. Nelson dished on Black by telling the crowd that he used to carry a bowling ball with him when he traveled. Which, to our disappointment she never elaborate on. She also said that she used to go watch Black work when he was first starting out. “I must have laughed at the same Dan Quayle joke a thousand times.” Nelson announced to laughter.

After Black performed stand up, Nelson came back on stage to interview him. They talked about his new book Me, of Little Faith (in stores tomorrow), religion (or lack there of) and the fact that Black was penniless until he was 40 years old.

“I’ve always liked the act of writing.” Black offered the literary crowd.

Then when Nelson asked if he was going to write another book, Black said,”Not fucking soon.”