Let’s Just Make Sure We Keep the Tophat and the Mustache


This writer was always more of a Sorry person growing up. But when he got older, and once drinking was involved, he came to appreciate the fun of Monopoly. Particularly when a couple of friends, back home from other colleges, came by and introduced him to dozens of rules they’d made up (largely based on modified versions of Risk), wherein alliances were crafted, closed door meetings took place, and seven hours later, once the game was finished and all the yelling had ceased, most of us didn’t want to speak to one another for a few days. Well, that legacy is sure to continue, but in an announcement this week, it looks like, as is the trend it seems right now, the game is getting its first major facelift since 1935 and they’re asking players to help. Not so much with the redesign, which we’re anxious to see, but until May 12th, people can visit the Monopoly site and choose which old-timey places get the axe and what replaces them. Makes us a little sad, sure. But, eh, what are you going to do?