Let The Burning Begin On 'Will It Burn?'

Will It BurnThe success of Blendtec’s hit web series ‘Will It Blend?’ has copycats coming out of the word work, destroying high tech gadgets like the iPad and iPhone on camera, hoping for millions of YouTube views. The newest ‘Will It Blend’ wannabe series was announced this week – Internet video celeb Kipkay announced his new show, ‘Will It Burn?’

Kipkay released the promo for his new show on Tuesday and he is asking viewers what they’d like to see burn. The show’s YouTube channel already has over 24,000 subscribers, which is a great start, considering that they haven’t even aired a single episode yet. In the promo comments, people are asking to see a variety of things burn, from ice to a computer screen to Chuck Norris.

In ‘Will It Burn?’, Kipkay will attempt to burn things with a flashlight, or possibly a laser like those given away in his ‘Green Laser Contest’ that can light matches, melt plastic and pop balloons. The details are not completely clear, but what we do know is that things will be burned! What would you like to see burned and do you think the concept behind ‘Will It Burn?’ has what it takes to compete with ‘Will It Blend?’