Let Pets Battle on Facebook

Pet SabotageA crazy new game has been released on Facebook that allows you pick a pet, put it on your profile and then battle your friend’s pets. While I’ve seen similar applications to this one, Pet Sabotage has pretty cool looking characters and seems to have a few additional features. You can pick from a baby chick, a wild monkey, a lizard/dinosaur look alike, a man-like chicken, a platypus, a fish, and a tiger. I went with the monkey but was not lucky enough to do battle. Apparently none of my friends have added this application to their profile. You can feed your pet for health and build your pet’s tolerance to attacks by winning battles. If you or the pet you are battling is killed, they will be added to the pet cemetary. The attacks done in this game are not your typical attacks. You can give other pets wedgies, judo chop them, feed them worms and a variety of other random attacks. While I don’t consider this a very useful application it may be worth a few minutes of entertainment. If you want to battle against your friends’ pets go grab Pet Sabotage.