Lessons in Freelancing: What to Do When You’re Stiffed on Payment

Small Claims Court

Ever had to wrangle a paycheck from a publication, or worry that hounding them for your money will make you seem “difficult”?

What can you do when a publisher fails to pay for work that you’ve already done? Is it worth it to take the magazine to small claims court? In the latest Mediabistro feature, one writer shares her story of being stiffed on payment for over a year:

I was writing almost monthly, sometimes for multiple departments in one issue because [my editor] passed my name on to other editors. I covered news, spirituality and relationships, sometimes pitching, sometimes taking assignments. And, during the course of all these interactions, I built friendly working relationships.

There was no indication in those initial months, then years, that I would eventually be plotting to Spiderman crawl up the walls of their corporate office building just to get my money.

For the rest of her story, read: Lessons in Freelancing: What to Do When Stiffed on Payment.

Sherry Yuan

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