Leonsis Bothered by Examiner’s Yays & Nays

TBD‘s Samuel Chamberlain went after the Washington Examiner‘s Yeas & Nays duo this afternoon for an item in the morning gossip column. The story involved a Tommy Hilfiger fashion event to benefit MS. Washington Capitals and Wizard’s owner Ted Leonsis was invited. Yays & Nays declared Leonsis to be a “confirmed notable” who was a “no-show.” The details are accurate, but Leonsis isn’t pleased.

Leonsis lashed out at Yays & Nays on his Ted’s Take blog calling the write-up a “cheap shot.” He said he was not a “confirmed notable.” He questioned how he could have possibly attended the Hilfiger event when the Caps had a home game that night. He says he has calls out to Yeas & Nays writers Nikki Schwab and Katy Adams — we’ll see what transpires.

Read the TBD story here, which includes Leonsis’s blog punch.

We’ve requested comment from Yays & Nays as well as Examiner Editor Stephen Smith on whether or not Leonsis will be offered an apology or if the pub thinks the team owner is making something out of nothing.