Leibovitz Conquers Fear of Heights So You Don’t Have To


Archinect pointed us over to the perfect thing for a slow Memorial Day full of casual browsing: hosted by Vanity Fair, it’s Annie Leibovitz‘s photographic coverage of the building of the new New York Times building. It’s not really, how do we say politely?, award-winning photography, as it seems like we could have taken many of these photos ourselves if we’d just been wandering around, but that’s not really the point, because it’s really just about having access to this sort of thing. And if you’re Leibovitz, you get access. Before you going looking, here’s a little from the intro:

To capture this evolving and otherwise irretrievable slice of Manhattan history, photographer Annie Leibovitz has been sagely chronicling the ascent, just as predecessors such as Margaret Bourke-White scaled other New York landmarks three generations ago. VF.com presents images from this epic, ethereal work, “Building the Times,” joining Leibovitz as she documents the interplay of men, beams, and dreams. The city’s poetry, insists Piano, lies in “its capacity for change.”