Video Killed The Media Something: Lee Abrams Suspended From Tribune Co.

So the Tribune Co. has had to deal with quite a bit of less-than-positive attention lately: a scathing New York Times article chronicling the sort of office culture that births many, many photocopies of buttocks; harrowing discussions with creditors; and, now, fallout from a rather ill-advised email.

The Wrap has given the world this little treat today, along with a very important lesson: If you receive an email from Tribune Company chief innovation officer Lee Abrams, do not open it at work. Or ever, ideally, unless you are a 14-year-old boy who enjoy poo jokes.

Abrams, you see, has been suspended without pay after forwarding links to inappropriate videos, including one cleverly titled “Sluts” featuring unclothed lady-gyrations.

Tribune Co. CEO Randy Michaels, himself no stranger to accusations of creating a less than professional working environment released a memo to staff saying “Lee recognizes that the video was in extremely bad taste and that it offended employees — he has also apologized publicly. He reiterated those feelings again to me privately today. But, this is the kind of serious mistake that can’t be tolerated; we intend to address it promptly and forcefully.”

And then he spanked an intern.*

*He did not.