Led Zeppelin’s Former PR: “Being A Super Fan Or Cheerleader Is Very Useful For A Publicist, Not So Useful For A Journalist”

danny goldberg.jpg

Danny Goldberg knows a thing or two about the music business. “He handled PR for Led Zeppelin and Kiss and managed Bonnie Raitt and Kurt Cobain. He was the president of three major record companies: Atlantic, Warner Bros., and Mercury,” according to the Huffington Post‘s Stephen Elliott, who interviewed Goldberg in conjunction with the release of his rock and roll memoir, “Bumping Into Geniuses.”

Seemingly, Goldberg is more a fit for the “cheerleader” role, as he stated to Elliott, “I’m in a community that means something to me and I didn’t particularly want to say bad things about people I’m going to see again. I was not a very good rock critic because I really just put musicians on a pedestal and I had a couple of experiences where I wrote critical things about people and felt guilty about it.”

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