LeBron James Seeks Cleaner Image With Kids Cartoon

It appears as though LeBron James will look to rehabilitate his tarnished image through a kids cartoon in the vein of Bill Cosby’s 1970s hit Fat Albert.

The NBA star famously spurned his old team, the Cleveland Cavaliers, last summer in a much-derided televised special on ESPN, dubbed The Decision. During the special, James revealed he was signing with the Miami Heat. Now, he’s launching The LeBrons, an animated Web series aimed at promoting positive messages to children. The 10-episode series, which is a product of James’ Spring Hill Productions, is derived from a series of recent Nike ads that featured four different versions of James’ personality.

The LeBrons is being financed, distributed and sold to advertisers by Believe Entertainment Group, which worked with Paramount Digital Entertainment to shepherd the series The Legion of Extraordinary Dancers.

The show has its own channel on YouTube. James’ team also tapped Digital Broadcasting Group to syndicate the series across the Web. James himself will promote the show on his own site, as well as via his Facebook and Twitter feeds.

To date, Nike, HP and Intel have signed on as sponsors. In fact, kids featured in the series will wear Nike’s Young Athletes footwear and apparel. A portion of The Lebron’s revenue will be used to buy HP computers for Boys & Girls Clubs of America—the same organization that benefited from James’ ESPN show last year.