Leaving Atlanta at the Exact Wrong Time


Apologies for the sudden disappearance by this writer. While we’d like to claim it was due to some kind of mysterious circumstances, filled to the brim with excitement, danger and in no short supply of massive explosions, the truth is actually quite bland. He was moving into a new house on Monday and Tuesday and then he was off to Atlanta for general visiting and a wedding. But such things don’t always have to be non-design-y. Case in point, we visited Richard Meier‘s High Museum of Art, which, no offense to the good people of Atlanta, nor the fine curators who live in that city, is much more worth visiting for its architecture than the artifacts therein. Though we did enjoy the turn of the century modernist furniture on the top floor. Also, this writer got a chance to have lunch with the fine folk at Armchair Media, who were hard at work in putting together all the materials for the currently-running Modern Atlanta, a week full of all things super modern and in the right zip codes. Seriously, if you’re anywhere near Atlanta by, say, four thousand miles, we highly recommend that you attend, even if just for the Armchair-designed booklet of information. The whole thing looks to be just incredible. And with saying that, we get back into the swing of things, even though we still don’t have our desk put together and we’ll probably be writing for the rest of the week from the floor of our new place.