Learn a New Language, Have Fun and Make a HappyPlanet

myhappyplanet.gifWho says learning a new language can’t be exciting, fun and even useful? Probably if it were conducted in a classroom style or a self-phased study using audio-visual medias, learning a new language could indeed be boring. happyplanet_welcome.jpgThanks to the tremendous popularity of social networking sites, language learning tutorials found a new home at MyHappyPlanet. Created by a Harvard Business School student, MyHappyPlanet puts social networking into good use – connecting multi-language loving individuals, educating, creating new friendships and networks, and probably in the long making a Happy Planet for everyone.

Now, that sounded like a sales pitch, isn’t it? I’m not in no way connected with MyHappyPlanet, but I just find the social networking site really useful for me and I bet for everyone as well.

MyHappyPlanet features online grammar and vocabulary correction of sent messages within the network. It also has various user-generated language tutorials and videos of featuring different cultures and languages worldwide.

If you get lucky, you might even meet somebody who will be willing to be your host in case you’re traveling internationally.

In case you are joining MyHappyPlanet and want to learn my country’s national language, Filipino look for me there. I could help you learn conversational Filipino if you like.