League of War: Take your mercenaries into battle on iOS


Social and mobile game company GREE has announced the official launch of League of War on iOS devices. Developed by MunkyFun, the game was soft-launched last December, and after experiencing early success, GREE jumped on board to provide tools for further development and marketing.

In League of War, players collect ground soldiers, armored vehicles and more, and send those units into battle against enemy camps. The game features over 180 upgradeable units, like paratroopers and snipers, each with their own stats and capabilities. Units cost ‘supplies’ to deploy, with supplies generating automatically over time.

At the end of each battle, players receive rewards including new troops and free currency. Users are encouraged to repeat battles for additional prizes, with each battle requiring energy to access. Users can purchase energy to continue playing indefinitely, or can allow the energy to recharge automatically over time.

Once users have more than six troop types, they’ll need to strategize their team layout before battles, taking into account each unit’s strengths and weaknesses. Players can spend ‘lesser’ units to upgrade the ones on their team, increasing their chance for dominance in battle.


Outside of the game’s single player gameplay, users can take the battle to other real players in timed events for special rewards. The game’s multiplayer includes cooperative team battles and head-to-head competition. League of War will be regularly updated with new events and content going forward, to keep players engaged into the future.

“League of War pushes the boundaries of what players can expect from a next-gen mobile gaming experience. It offers not only an intense single-player experience, but also takes multiplayer to a new level with synchronous battles,” said Ken Chiu, Sr. Vice President of Social Games at GREE. “MunkyFun and GREE combined quick moving strategy, stunning 3D graphics and special FX to make League of War one of the best mobile game experiences out there. The players are going to love it.”

League of War is available to download for free on iOS devices. Check back soon to follow the game on AppData, our tracking platform for mobile and social apps and developers.