Layar Vision Brings Augmented Reality Linked to Magazines

Layar, which first popularized the concept of Augmented Reality (AR) on mobile phones, now has something they call Layar Vision that takes the real-world object scanning features associated with barcodes, QR codes and Microsoft Tag to a new level.

“Dutch Oprah” LINDA Brings Magazine to Life With Layar

A “discover more with layar” logo on magazines, posters and advertisements indicates associated digital content (which includes photos, videos, animations and web site links). These content associations appear as overlay indicators in Layar’s camera view. Layar promotes the Layar Vision content that can be found in the Dutch LINDA magazine. However, for something a bit closer to home (assuming you live in North America), you can also find Layar Vision linked content in MAKE Magazine. The embedded video below shows you how it works.

One difference from the other encoded content is that multiple linked digital content can be indicated during a single scan using Layar Vision. Barcodes, QR codes and Microsoft Tag have, in my experience, just a single piece of content (usually text or a web link) associated.

You can learn more about Layar Vision here

Source: layarmobile