Law review: Premiere carries Sienna’s side of Nannygate 2005

We’re not much for celeb tell all pieces -regardless of the mag. (“Shocker: Gwynie prego!, etc.) But Premiere does offer an interesting amount of candor from today’s Sienna Miller one-on-one. per-002506.jpg

Namely, Miller’s reaction to director Charles Shyer‘s depiction of her relationship with Jude Law on the set of “Alfie.”

” ‘There was an instant chemistry, but it was a little lopsided because she was a little gaga,” recalls the film’s director, Charles Shyer. “She had told me, ‘You don’t understand; growing up, Jude Law was such a big deal, I had his picture on my pinboard.’ And so she was really highly nervous.’

‘He’s such a fucking liar!” Miller screams, though it’s hard to tell how pissed off she really is because she’s also laughing. “He does this in interviews to wind me up.” And succeeds, clearly. “I swear I did not have a poster of him on my wall.'”

Oddly, we have a poster of Charles Shyer on our wall. That’s not weird, is it?