LAT’s Matea Gold Moving to DC

Watch out Washington! LA Times reporter Matea Gold is hanging up her beat and headed to DC to take a new role with Tribune’s Washington bureau. For those unfamiliar, Gold is an outstanding media reporter, currently based in New York.

Internal memo from Tribune’s Kerry Luft below:

From: Luft, Kerry
Sent: Wednesday, June 23, 2010 2:56 PM
To: Subject: Staff announcement — Matea Gold

Dear all –

I’m delighted to announce that Matea Gold will be joining the Washington bureau.

Currently a correspondent based in the LA Times’ New York bureau, Matea brings a wealth of experience and a proven track record as an innovative, dogged reporter and a sparkling writer.

Her most recent assignment has been covering the media, a prickly bunch to be sure, but she’s been widely praised for her fairness and accuracy. She’s also a veteran of the presidential campaign trail, having covered Howard Dean, John Kerry, Joe Lieberman and Al Gore, among others. And yet she still likes political coverage!

In previous incarnations at the LAT she covered the US-Mexico border, as well as the rise of gangs in East LA.

She’s fluent in Spanish, a graduate of UCLA (sorry, Stanford folk) and an altogether delightful colleague.

More on her specific assignment later, but she’ll certainly be helping out on midterm elections for starters.

Please join me in welcoming Matea. She’ll be here after Labor Day, but I hope she can join us for a few visits in the meantime.