Latitude ON Lets new Dell Latitude Z Notebook Boot in 2 Seconds to Essential Functions Level

YouTube video courtesy of Dell

In my last blog item, I noted that Lenovo is tweaking their notebooks’ firmware and Windows 7 to achive faster boot times. Dell, on the other hand, is taking a different approach by simply ignoring Microsoft Windows altogether with…

Latitude ON Arrives

Their new Latitude Z notebooks have a “Latitude ON” button to the left of the conventional on button. This boots up an ARM processor (instead of the usual Intel notebook processor) that runs a custom lightweight version of Linux. About 2 seconds after pressing the Latitude ON button, you have access to a Firefox browser (no Flash), email client (with Microsoft Exchange support), and the ability to view Microsoft Office and PDF documents. This is probably 90% of what many of us need when on the move with a notebook or netbook in tow.

I haven’t Latitude ON myself yet. But, the concept and Dell’s demo both seem solid. A big mobile thumbs up for this product rollout.