LAT just can’t get no respect, even when it gets respect

As we mentioned yesterday, The Envelope at the LAT broke the news that Jon Stewart will host the 2006 Oscars telecast. Rival news organizations around the country, like Reuters and MSNBC, and even the NYT, were quick to credit the paper. Over at the Gray Lady, David Carr engaged in a little self-flagellation in his Carpetbagger blog:

Word came yesterday from Steve Pond of the Los Angeles Times’s that the Academy’s diaspora in search of a host for its March festivities had finally ended at the steps of the “The Daily Show.” The Bagger could smile and wear beige, wanly admiring Mr. Pond’s scoop, except he happened to be on the phone yesterday with Sid Ganis, president of the Academy board, and failed to elicit the fact that Jon Stewart was going to host the awards. Mr. Ganis, who seems like the kind of guy the Bagger would love to split a large tub of popcorn with at an afternoon matinee, sandbagged the Bagger. “Hang in there,” he said. “We’re getting there.” No kidding.

The point being, the scoop was kind of a coup. (That would rhyme, if it weren’t for French people being silly about pronouncing things.) But here’s how L.A. Observed, our city’s blog-of-record, summed it up:

The LAT’s The Envelope claims it had the scoop on Jon Stewart being tapped to host the Oscars.

‘Claims?’ Come on. A dog serves his master better when the master scratches it under his chin when the dog brings the master his slippers. And I think we should remember that about the LAT, if we want the dog to bring us our slippers regularly. So let’s see some chin-scratching!

(Sorry about all the parables, but I hear parables boost traffic. Or was that ‘porn?’)