LAT in 90 seconds: special all-Kate-Braverman edition

We’ve never done this before, but we’ve also never read anything like this before. Today’s LAT coverage is all about one article, the profile of writer Kate Braverman, whom we have apparently all failed. Some quotes about Kate Braverman, from noted Kate Braverman expert Kate Braverman:

– “I’m not just another writer. I don’t think people understand my relationship with this city, and they don’t understand what I’ve achieved.”

– “There is not another woman writer in Southern California who sits between Bellow and Conrad next to Hemingway and Kafka. I have the most literary stature, certainly, of any woman in Southern California.”

– “I am in the canon. Those other people will never be in the canon.”

– “What has made my life in Los Angeles untenable, and made me have to leave Los Angeles, is that I am treated as a non-person in this city.”

– “I’m the best-kept secret in L.A.”