LAT in 90 seconds

iPod Salt Lake Marathon.jpg
Nike and Apple will collaborate on “a shoe that helps runners keep track of their speed, calories burned, pace and distance using an iPod.” And, for just 99 cents, if you sprain your ankle, Dr. Jack from “Lost” will come and kiss it all better.

— You can’t spell ‘lax security‘ without LAX: “…officials are scrambling to find 150 additional screeners by July 1. The facility is down from its complement of 2,001 full-time-equivalent screeners – the most in the country – because the federal government earlier this year shifted responsibility for hiring them to federal security directors at local airports.”

medium_korean_cell_phone_camera.jpg— Students who use their cellphones more than 90 times a day scored “significantly higher on tests measuring depression and anxiety than students who used their phones a more sedate 70 times daily.”

People, people! Re-lax: Kids finally do well on a test, and you guys act like that’s a bad thing?