LAT In 90 Seconds

39915667-12122910.jpgCoolest Story of the Day: In Myanmar, an unnamed LAT reporter is working in secret to cover the devastation the government is trying to hide in the wake of Cyclone Nargis. Leave the debate over whether reporters should go undercover to your eggheaded J-school profs. This is great reading.

yahoocorpoff.jpgGoogle the Term “Anti-Trust”: After Microsoft Corp. and Yahoo! ended nearly five months of merger and partnership talks that threatened Google, Yahoo turned around and struck an online advertising alliance with Google. Need help figuring this out? Ask Jeeves.

mobama.jpgMirror, Mirror: Mainstream media stalwart, LAT, published this headline today: “Mainstream media not jumping on the political rumor bandwagon.” The LAT pat on the back was a nice way of congratulating itself for not spreading that rumor about Michelle Obama railing against “whitey.” Forget for a moment, that this James Rainey piece might be the first time any of the LAT readers have heard about the rumor.