LAT In 90 Seconds

dannykady.jpgRichard Rushfield’s Latest: We don’t watch American Idol, but we’ve become addicted to Rabbi Richard Rushfield’s recap. In today’s installment, he channels his inner Spinoza and charges that the crowd that “gathered to coronate their newly named Top 12 was indeed brazenly, incautiously jubilant … 11 of these 12 are being crowned tonight just so that one by one they can have their final conference with Angel of Death Seacrest.”

36497359-07091604.jpgLou Pearlman Pleads Guilty: The man behind (seriously, right behind) Backstreet Boys and ‘N Sync pleaded guilty to bilking investors and banks out of more than $300 million. We were going to use an ironically upbeat ‘N Sync or BB song title as a punch line here, but we’ve forgotten them all.

110630017_tp_2.jpgGovernator’s Commute Is Longer Than Yours: It also stinks up the environment more … oh yeah, and it costs hundreds of thousands of dollars a year.