LAT In 90 Seconds

33532973.jpgInspired By The Inspirational: Writer Robin Abcarian should do more political reporting. Her piece on why Barack Obama is failing to catch fire, even has he garners the support of Oprah, is fresh and lively and so much better than half the stuff out there. Read it.

33502393.jpgNot-So-Smart List: The writers of the Smart List are supposed to compile the week’s most anticipated pop culture topics, but maybe they should spend less time writing and more time actually doing/watching/listening to stuff. Of the 10 items on this week’s list, writers admitted to not caring about, seeing or wanting anything to do with five of them. In fact, they even copped to not being able to talk about Californication because they don’t get Showtime! Eds, either fork up the cash for premium cable channels, or ditch this embarrassing column.

33535516.jpgPorter Wagner, Dead at 80: The man who inspired Dolly Parton to write the song (that was later over-acted by Whitney Houston) I Will Always Love You died Sunday night of lung cancer.