LAT in 90


My mom’s a secret spy!
Jonah Goldberg might very well be one of the columnists on his way out–if not before mocking the Wilson/Plame traveling circus, then perhaps after.

What did Mahoney know and when did he know it?
Defrocked priest Michael Stephen Baker, who’s facing trial on 13 charges of child molestation, including having sex with an unconscious boy, believes he’s getting harsher treatment than heterosexual molesters, due to a California state law. Cardinal Roger Mahoney knew of Baker’s prediliction and sent him to therapy, which didn’t work, evidently.

Tight little island.
One of the British Channel Islands, Sark, must adhere to EU rules. Since the EU has messed up everything else, why can’t Bono just buy the place?

House & Garden
This online section cries out for multimedia that dazzles and those sad little slide shows aren’t doing the trick. When the ad banner is more interesting, something is wrong.

Correction Hall of Fame:

An article in Tuesday’s Calendar about the DVD release of Borat said one of the deleted scenes shows the character Borat getting a message in his hotel room. He gets a massage there.