LAT: Disney board’s decision on Pixar buy to come on Monday

Having sort of broken the Pixar sale to Disney story, then missed the follow-up, the Los Angeles Times today insists we’ll have an answer by Monday. pixar_cars.jpg

The LAT also takes care to note they got there first, while still giving the Journal its due:

“The Times reported Jan. 5, however, that recent negotiations had expanded to include the possibility of Disney’s acquiring part or all of Pixar, with Jobs taking a seat on the Burbank company’s board and becoming a major shareholder. A report in Thursday’s Wall Street Journal that the talks had intensified further fueled speculation that a deal was imminent, sending Disney’s stock higher, up $1.04 to $26.24. Pixar shares rose $1.61 to $58.87.”

Personally, I can’t wait to see what happens when “Cars” comes out and does so badly, it makes “Treasure Planet” seem like “The Incredibles.”