LAT Blog To Get 1 Million PVS, Does Our Work For Us

memmel_300.jpgWe have totally neglected our LAT in 90 feature this summer, but we thought we’d make amends by writing all kind of glowing things about the paper’s Olympics blog which is, truly, damn cool. (Love the on-the-ground touches and particularly like reading Bill Plaschke’s take on the racial controversy before we’d even heard about the controversy itself.)

But — bully for us — the paper beat us to it!

In a press release extolling the paper’s Olympics coverage, the paper’s PR machine let us know it’s on track to get 1 million pvs by the games’ end.


Press release follows:

Wanted to give you a heads up about the LA Times Olympics blog, which has been exploding in popularity (on pace to reach over 1 million pvs by the end of the games) and is a “must” bookmark for anyone who obsesses with the Games. Check out this amazing photo of Phelps.

Our team of bloggers and writers in Beijing have posts on the smog, the dopers, and the rowers. We’ve got photo essays, graphics, and everything from beefcake snaps of a Long Beach waterpolo star to info on where you can get your hair done in Beijing for $7. Yesterday started with columnist Bill Dwyre reporting on Serena Williams beating a woman named Olga from Belarus and ended with sports editor Randy Harvey writing about Venus Williams storming past a Czech named Iveta. In between, people weighed in from around the globe about swimming gold medals, a surprise bronze in men’s gymnastics and how doesn’t work on many Macs. Our swimming photo essay even made the front page of!