Las Vegas Review-Journal Owners Outline ‘Three Principles’

Today's front page includes a "Note to Readers."

A few weeks ago, The New York Times made waves with a Dec. 5 front-page op-ed calling for more U.S. gun control. Today, out West, there is another front-page newspaper pronouncement, but in this case, on the heels of editor Mike Hengel’s acceptance of a buyout offer, it is a “Note to Readers” from the new ownership of the Las Vegas Review-Journal.


The note outlines the three principles by which the new owners plan to guide their $140 million acquisition. Sheldon Adelson’s group promises to make any new investments necessary, publish a paper that is fair, unbiased and accurate, and act as a stewards of an “essential community institution.” From the A1 note:

These are the three principles that will guide our ownership of the Las Vegas Review-Journal. How will this all work over the coming weeks and months? The professionals at New Media, who are now managing the R-J as well as running more than 125 other daily newspapers nationwide, will continue to oversee all operations. Mike Hengel, the paper’s current editor, accepted a voluntary buyout offer from the R-J’s prior owners, an offer that was also made to other qualified employees. Other R-J employees also accepted the voluntary buyout offer from the previous owners. The New Media managers will appoint an interim editor and will immediately begin a search for the next permanent Review-Journal editor.

We are confident that the best days for the Review-Journal, Southern Nevada and the entire state are yet to come, and we feel privileged to be able to continue to play a role in our great community.

In the wake of Hengel’s announcement to the newsroom Wednesday that he had accepted the buyout offer, colleagues took to Twitter to pay tribute.

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