Bill Hader Ponders the Idea of a Stefon Sitcom

During an interview this week on Larry King Now, the SNL alum revealed that he and writing partner John Mulaney have concluded in the past that there just isn’t enough there for a Stefon movie. But the actor-comedian definitely liked the suspender-ed one’s alternate suggestion:

“A sitcom!? I haven’t heard that one; people always talk about a movie. A Stefon sitcom would actually be pretty great. Do it multi-camera, and he has like a normal neighbor and stuff.”

The Ora TV conversation brings back memories of the very messy time in Hollywood when fellow SNL alum Mike Myers abruptly walked away from a big Universal movie based on Sprockets eyebrow raiser Dieter. Arguably the NBC late night show character that most closely resembles Hader’s Stefon.

We can’t be sure, but Myers probably came to the same conclusion as Hader and Mulaney, e.g. that a full-length movie of Dieter was not sustainable. While Hader leaves the door open to a Stefon movie “possibly” coming together in the future, we say let it lie at the altar with Anderson Cooper.

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