Larry King Holds News Of Tammy Faye Death For 24 Hours At Family’s Request

tammyfaye_072307.jpgIt’s been a bizarre month of coups for Larry King. First, the Beatles interview and now-infamous “George” flub. Then, of course, Paris, replete with a goofy “Countdown” clock. And, this weekend, King was credited with a big scoop in even more bizarre fashion: the death of Tammy Faye Messner, of which King broke the news 24 hours after he knew about it. “They wanted to delay it a full day so that the family could all gather together.” She had already been cremated and buried in a “remote part of Oklahoma.” King told Rick Sanchez he “was proud and blessed” that the family asked him to report the news.

OK, CNN, a couple questions:

  • If King knew about it, why did you break into regular programming (on Saturday, just after 8:50PM ET) to report the news of the death?
  • O.K., she’s not a politician, and King’s not exactly a journalist, but how can you allow Larry to sit on a story like that?

There you have it. CNN: The Most Trusted Name in News — As Long As It’s 24 Hours Later And Approved By An Evangelist’s Family.


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