Larry King Teases New Radio, TV Deals

Expect to hear some big news about Larry King, very shortly.

Speaking to TALKERS magazine‘s Bill Moran (pictured) last Thursday during the organization’s regional Southern California symposium, for Moran’s “Pod Jockey” podcast, the spry looking suspender-wearing one said there’s much more in the works beyond his three-year CNN specials deal. Video of the nine-minute interview is available on the TALKERS website. Said King:

“I just signed a new deal that will be announced in a couple of days involving radio, I can’t say it here. And… I’m going to do another big television thing, which I also can’t announce [yet].”

Asked by Moran if the radio project would be anchored in LA, King replied in the affirmative. King then promised to provide full details to Talkers off the web-air so that they could help break the story, presumably sometime this week.