Lara Logan: Not Just a Pretty Face?


GOOD mag lays it on thick when writing about swimsuit model turned journo Lara Logan:

in today’s tepid TV news world, female correspondents are expected to look like models

Amazing that Christina Amanpour had any sort career, drab hag that she is.

And as the CBS publicists made sure to let everyone know, Logan travels with the most important tools of her trade:

her suitcase with bikinis and other beachwear made it to Islamabad; the suitcase with the rest of her clothes did not

But while GOOD’s Sibohan O’Connor is determined to play up Logan’s reporting accumen, she keeps mentioning the eye candy:

It’s like a scene out of Full Metal Jacket, with the addition of the gorgeous and utterly composed Logan.

All this dwelling on Logan’s assets leads one to wonder just how she did get that interview with Pervez Musharraf. Maybe he had his staff dig up some old British tabloids.