Laid Off? Paint The Town Black

Since last year, photographer/artist Jess Levey has been working on a multi-media project entitled After The Crash which explores the various ramifications of being laid off. One series in this project is a video installation in which she invited fellow NY laid offers to come into her studio on 41st street and literally “black out” a projected image of the building in which they worked.

She’s looking for more participants for this project. Here’s what she sent us, if you’re interested:

“I am looking for more participants for this project, and am willing to barter my time if you ever need any photographic work in the future. It will only take one hour, and it is very rewarding and enjoyable!

…The video can be completely anonymous, if need be, meaning your face does not have to be shown. If you are interested, and available, please send an e-mail to jess at jesslevey dot com with your contact information and the name and address of the company for which you used to work.”

To get an idea of what this project will look like, you can either go to Nurtureart‘s Plan B show in Williamsburg, or go to, click After the Crash, Video, and then Untitled #3. No, we can’t embed the vid here, and that, we think, is a huge shame.