Lady Gaga’s Massive Social Influence [INFOGRAPHIC]

Lady Gaga is the darling of the social media world. No one has more followers on Twitter than the Mother Monster, and she’s got plenty of influence to boot.

This infographic takes a look at Gaga’s unsurpassed social influence – and some of the numbers are positively staggering.

Coming to us from Laughlin Constable, a Chicago advertising agency, this infographic pulls stats from Forbes and Sysomos MAP to show just how much social clout Lady Gaga commands.

And just so you can wrap your head around her social influence, think about this: Lady Gaga has over 75 million Twitter and Facebook followers/fans – a number which could fill the states of Texas, California and New York.

When it comes to Twitter, one out of six users follower her, and if each of them retweeted her tweets they could, hypothetically, reach 7.5 billion people. And they’re tweeting good things about the Mother Monster, too, with 95 percent of “Lady Gaga” mentions on Twitter being positive.

Twitter is Gaga’s haven, with 93 percent of the over 5 million social mentions of her name over a three month period being sent via tweet and only a small fraction sent on Facebook or blogs.

Take a look at more Gaga-licious social stats, including her Facebook influence, in the infographic below:

(Infographic courtesy of Laughlin Constable; Lady Gaga image via Shutterstock)

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