LA Times Reacts To Buyout Reports

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As you can imagine, the LA Times is getting inundated with questions about buyout applicants. So much so that Susan Denley, head of hiring and development, sent out the following email today:

    I am getting some questions from folks about the “list” of buyout applicants published on LA Observed. In answer to those questions:
    –We do not ever release an official list (some people want their applications to remain confidential, for one thing)
    –What Kevin has published must have come from talking to some of you who have either told him you applied or who like to gossip about your colleagues
    –Some pronouncements, such as “the poll is history,” are misinterpretations –one might even say flat-out wrong.
    –Bear in mind final decisions have NOT been made and communicated about who on the list will be granted the buyout and who will not, so it’s possible some of the people whose names you’ve seen won’t really be leaving — if they applied at all, of course!