LA Times Has a Record Year on the Web

The LA Times published an internal memo by managing editor/online Jimmy Orr over the weekend, showing the full extent of the paper’s online success in 2011. Overall page views were up by 28% in 2011–reaching more than 2.1 billion. Monthly unique visitors also grew by 34.2% by year’s end.

Orr also posted the top 10 blogs and highest trafficked stories of the year.

Top 10 Blogs

1. Framework: 146 million
2. L.A. Now: 119 million
3. Ministry of Gossip: 36 million
4. Politics Now: 33 million
5. Hero Complex: 32 million
6. Technology: 30 million
7. Show Tracker: 30 million
8. Nation Now: 27 million
9. Travel: 27 million
10. Fabulous Forum: 19 million

We’ll let you click over to see the top stories for yourselves. But we will tell you that the Times‘ ridiculous story about Korean scientists who measure the penis sizes of anesthetized cancer patients is on there.

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