LA Times: All Too Ready To Make Nice With Sorkin


FBLA loves that the LA Times found people who love, love, love Studio 60. Aaron Sorkin blasted writer, Deborah Netburn and others by name for daring to critize his show, and for interviewing the low-life losers who don’t think it’s funny, insightful, or the product of the most creative genius on the planet.

One of the aforementioned losers, writer Ken Levine, has extended the olive twig to Sorkin, writing

I do have empathy for Sorkin. It’s not easy creating in a negative environment. But I think he makes it harder on himself by being so defensive. There’s no witch hunt. No one is attacking him personally.

Speak for yourself, Mr. Compassionate Professional Writer.

One half of FBLA is quoted in the piece:

It’s a very entertaining show and the story lines that deal with relationships are some of the best on television.

The on-line version of Times forgot the live links, alas.

FBLA wonders why the LA Times bothered to search out fans of the show. Did Sorkin call up and threaten to cancel his subscription?


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