La Opinión Writer Wins Latin American Journalism Award


According to a new study, the field of journalism is one of the most stressful jobs in the world, right after surgeon and real-estate agent, and we don’t have to tell you that this profession gets less recognition and appreciation than the latter. That’s why whenever one of our own gets recognized for their accomplishments in the field, it’s a cause for celebration. Gardenia Mendoza Aguilar, who spent the last year covering the trials and abuses of Mexican immigrants and human trafficking for Central America’s impreMedia’s La Opinión is one of those women today, as she was awarded the prized Guillermo Martínez-Márquez Award for Latin American Reporting.

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ImpreMedia Writer Wins Prestigious NAHJ Journalism Award

Gardenia Mendoza Aguilar Selected For Her Series on Central American Immigrants

Gardenia Mendoza Aguilar of impreMedia’s La Opinión has been selected winner of the coveted “Guillermo Martínez-Márquez Award for Latin American Reporting” for her revealing look into the dangerous trek by Central Americans crossing through Mexico to get to the United States.

Her series, “La ruta del terror”, delves into the painful and sometimes deadly journey of immigrants as they confront abuse, rape, and unimaginable physical demands as they travel through Mexico. Judges for this year’s National Association of Hispanic Journalists (NAHJ) awards observed that Mendoza Aguilar covered angles often forgotten or denied about the human trafficking of Central Americans across Mexico. “The stories read like a serialized novel that showed the plight of immigrants and the participation of certain authorities in the illegal business, including those who look the other way from human rights abuses.”

“Beyond being a recognition of my work as a journalist, this is an opportunity to shed light on the inhumane treatment Central American immigrants receive on their journey North,” commented Mendoza Aguilar. “This award from the NAHJ demonstrates once again that impreMedia is synonymous with high quality journalism reflecting the lives of Latinos seeking a better life”, stated La Opinión publisher, Monica Lozano.

The NAHJ Journalism Awards honor Latino journalists for excellence in their specialized fields of work or any journalist for their outstanding coverage of the Latino community. For more information and the judge’s comments on the winners, click on

Gardenia Mendoza is a Mexican journalist who has covered immigration, politics, business and culture from Mexico, Guatemala, El Salvador, Honduras y Cuba for the last 16 years. She has been with La Opinión of Los Angeles since 2006.