L.E.S. Not Just For Crackheads, Bloggers, Redux


A few weeks ago the blogostrata exploded (this is relative, kids) with the news that a Starbucks was under construction at the hallowed corner of Allen and Delancey, joining the other businesses and residents that had moved into this oh-so-decrepit neck of the downtown woods. We’ll admit we forgot about it once we rediscovered the joys of the Union Square Whole Foods (Avalon Chrystie, please hurry) and thought to ourselves, “You know, Unbeige, maybe big business isn’t such a bad thing” as we so totally heifer-iffically chugged our phenomenal mac and cheese.

Which thinking was put to an abrupt stop as, on our way to The Tart’s, we passed by an almost empty completely glistening and OPEN Starbucks.

Gawker and Curbed also picked up on this. As long as we’re in it together. Um, guys?