Kushner-Owned Politicker Shuts Down Three More Sites

politckgger.pngNew York Observer owner Jared Kushner has insisted the last few months that his paper is doing fine (ish) all things considered. And one certainly hopes this is the case, though the circle may be closing in. Over at Politico.com Michael Calderone is reporting that the Kushner-owned Politicker network has shuttered three more sites in New Hampshire, Massachusetts, and Pennsylvania — this follows the eleven that were closed last month.

Following last month’s cuts, Jared Kushner, owner of parent-company Observer Media Group, told Politico that the company was focusing on a “regional platform,” concentrated in the northeast. Now that model — and effectively, the network — is done.

All that remains is the New York site (which was spun off from Kushner’s New York Observer), and New Jersey (which was purchased by Kushner, formerly called Politics NJ).

Calderone also reports that Kushner may have been looking for a financial partner for the network.