Kurtz Takes Q on “Mouthpiece Theater” Fiasco in Regular Online Chat

In the last question of a regular online chat earlier today, WaPo‘s Howard Kurtz took a question about Dana Milbank and Chris Cillizza’s “Mouthpiece Theater” joke that crashed and burned

Washington: Howard: Were Milbank and Cillizza reprimanded? Should they be? Are they even reporters or do you consider them to be commentators? I ask because I wonder what kind of editing their videos get? Is it the same as their columns? Is there an editor for The Fix, or Mouthpiece Theater?

Howard Kurtz: Everyone here has an editor or supervisor. Milbank is a columnist who does plenty of reporting; Cillizza is both a reporter and blogger. They are two smart guys who did a dumb thing. Chris apologized on his Twitter feed. The Post has taken down the video with the offending crack at Hillary, saying it was inappropriate. I’m all for having fun with the news, but this unfunny bit clearly crossed a line.