Kurtz: Solomon Is “Revamping” WaTimes

From Howard Kurtz’s WaPo profile of Washington Times Executive Editor John Solomon:

    “If I made one fundamental change,” he says, “it’s to make sure opinion and commentary didn’t bleed onto the news pages.” … Solomon’s aim, [says WaTimes’r Ralph Hallows], is to satisfy a conservative audience “without making the newspaper a shill for any of the causes of the right, for the Bible-thumpers — something that is sensitive to them but doesn’t pander to them.”


    As he tries to change the paper’s mission, Solomon sees its modest size as an advantage. “Good ideas can be executed without 900 committee meetings,” he says.

    On one point, there is no debate: Solomon has boosted morale in the newsroom. “He’s got a lot of people here very excited and enthused,” says political writer Don Lambro.