Kurtz on Fist Bumps: “Is This What All The Brothers Do?”


What the heck was this comment all about?!?

From last week’s “Reliable Sources” (emph. added):

KURTZ: All right. I got one more piece of tape and I’m going to save this question for you, Byron. This is a lot of media chatter about something that Barack Obama did with his wife at his speech in Minnesota. Let’s watch.


MAGGIE RODRIGUEZ, CBS NEWS: All right, everybody, give me a little pound-pound. A simple fist pump between Barack Obama and his wife Michelle.

CHRIS MATTHEWS, MSNBC: It was a fist pump of victory and of course of love.

BRIT HUME, FOX NEWS: She just gave him a little knuckle, which is — that’s the ultimate congratulation is a little knuckle.

BRIAN WILLIAMS, NBC: Your wife came up on stage with you last night, and in an otherwise private moment, attempted to give her husband a fist pound.


KURTZ: Byron, I’m not cool enough to grasp this, so tell me, is this what all the brothers do?