Kurtz Institutes New Fact-Check Feature on Reliable Sources


WaPo‘s Howard Kurtz, who hosts CNN’s “Reliable Sources,” is injecting a new fact-check feature into his show. This is the second Sunday political talk show to add a fact-check feature. ABC’s “This Week” was first with PolitiFact, an online feature.

Kurtz’s feature debuted Sunday.

“This is not an exercise in gotcha — we all make mistakes,” Kurtz will hold journalists and commentators accountable for what they say and what they let politicians get away with saying.

Up first on the chopping block: Former top aide to former President George W. Bush Karl Rove, who said on FNC’s “Hannity” that Hearst cashiered Helen Thomas. Kurtz corrected him, saying Thomas resigned and was not fired.

Kurtz gave Reuters a “thumbs” down for altering photographs of the flotilla in Gaza. He kicked some NBC ass (so to speak) by pointing out that Matt Lauer, in his interview with President Obama, opened the door for POTUS to use the “whose ass to kick” phrase by using “kick some butt” in his question. Kurtz said NBC failed to show that connection in a promo.

Watch segment footage here.