Kurtz Finally Weighs In On Politico

And guess what? He’s luke-warm on it:

    For all the pregame hype about voice and attitude and peeling back the curtain of traditional journalism, the Politico debuted last week by relying on an old-fashioned concept: reporting.

    The political-junkie Web site, led by two former Washington Post reporters, wasn’t as jam-packed as I expected, or as colorful, and is rarely updated during the day. In fact, most of what is on Politico.com — and the print version, distributed free mainly on the Hill — could easily have run in an Old Media relic like this newspaper. It strikes me as solid and substantive, but not knocking anyone’s socks off.

And one tipster brings this to our attention:

From Robert Allbritton, January AJR:

    “[Robert] Allbritton sees the paper version of the Politico as the key to the overall venture’s success. “You can get infinitely more advertising money if you have a print product,” he says. Publishing strictly on the Internet is “the future,” he adds. “It’s not here yet.”

From Jim VandeHei, Jan. 24:

    “The Washington Post at the end of the day is still a newspaper that also happens to be a Web site,” he said. “We’re going to be focused on the Web.”

>UPDATE: Will Bunch weighs in here.