Kurtz Faces Down Grumpy Bloggers

Howard Kurtz got an earful from grumpy chat people today who accused him, at various times, of being too liberal and too conservative. You can almost see his smiling visage throwing up his hands and laughing at the sheer idiots he has to answer.

Also, what’s with all the anger between mainstream journalists and bloggers over the past couple of days?

Why can’t both sides just understand that one wouldn’t be nearly as effective without the other, and that blogging–despite how much fun it is–would be nowhere without the “mainstream” reporters who, actually, manage to get most of their stories correct (albeit without necessarily agreeing with your particular viewpoint)?

As for this exchange, though, we don’t even really know what it means:

Q: Manhattan wrote: “…anyone can be a reporter.” Yes, and a hamburger is just a hamburger. How much difference could there be between one and another? And since McDonalds sells the most, they must make the best hamburger in the world, right?

Howard Kurtz: Well, I like the journalistic hamburger served up by The Post. And it’s only 35 cents, cheaper than Mickey D’s.

We’re pretty sure someone got insulted there, but we’re not really sure whom.